How to borrow online at Personal Loan 36 and 37


Everyone who has employment undertakes to submit an appropriate tax declaration annually. In many cases, the employer will provide the letter for you. This document contains, inter alia, job data as well as the amount of our income. Therefore, it is often considered as a substitute for special certificates from superiors. What is a Personal loan? Let’s see!

Personal loan – what is this loan like?

A Personal loan is an offer addressed to people who want to reduce all formalities to a minimum and avoid talking to their employer about their plans. However, this will not be possible when we face the necessity to submit an income certificate. Most often, we will be asked to submit such a document when applying for a bank loan. Despite this, with larger amounts it may also be required in non-bank branches. Undoubtedly, asking the boss to sign a letter regarding financial support in any institution is not the most pleasant. It is also worth remembering that the boss has the right to refuse to issue the relevant document. If our contacts with the employer leave a lot to be desired, there is a risk of not receiving the necessary certificates.

However, there is no situation without a way out. In such cases, both banks and non-bank companies offer their clients alternative solutions. One of them are Personal loans. As we mentioned at the beginning, they contain not only the necessary data about our employer, but also the amount of income.

Personal 37 loan – where will you get it?

A Personal loan is a good solution for people who want to avoid asking the employer for a bank or non-bank company certificate. In this way, the time spent on gathering the necessary documents is kept to a minimum. Each of us has access to our tax declaration, and thus we can easily avoid additional activities necessary to collect documentation. Viewing the financial support offers in banks, we have access to the list of required certificates. Among them, very often we will find those taking into account the possibility of receiving a Personal loan. If you do not have the appropriate form, you can certify your income with, for example, a bank statement. Bank Millennium, Credit Agricole and Santander Consumer Bank provide such a solution.

In turn, a cash loan for Personal in non-bank institutions is becoming rarer due to the reduction of formalities to a minimum. Let’s remind again. We do not need any certificates from the workplace or even a pit. Our obligations include completing a short statement regarding financial standing, going through the identity verification process and receiving a positive creditworthiness assessment. The Personal 37 loan will be addressed to people who pay via payers or have received a Personal 11 declaration from the employer paying them a salary. When searching for this type of product, please check which document will be required from us. We also need to have knowledge about our own billing method. All this will help us avoid mistakes and waste of time.

Online Personal loan – how to get it online?

An online Personal loan will be an ideal solution for people who want to do all the formalities without leaving home. If we have an account with a given bank, then the agreement will be approved from the banking level. Otherwise we will be asked to sign the institution or during the courier’s visit. Some lenders also use the option to accept the contract with a one-time authorization code. It all depends on their internal arrangements.

In most cases, the first step to getting a loan is to complete the appropriate application on the institution’s website. We will need basic Personal data, address and contact details. We will also be asked about our financial standing, which will help in assessing creditworthiness. Let’s also prepare a photocopy of the Personal declaration and ID card. Thanks to this, the whole process will run smoothly and quickly. Then, after completing all the information, wait for a call from a consultant. It will verify the information we provide or assist you in completing the application. During the conversation, we will also receive detailed conditions tailored to our financial situation and credit decision. If everything suits us, all we have to do is sign the Personal loan agreement and wait for the transfer.

When it comes to signing the contract, the lenders propose different solutions. As we have already mentioned, as regular customers of the bank we receive the opportunity to approve the contract in electronic banking. Other institutions use a one-time authorization code. It is worth noting that in many cases we will first be required to perform a verification transfer. When we care about skipping this stage, it remains for us to go to a bank branch to sign the documents or use the services of a courier. In this situation, all you need to do is show your ID card, approve the terms of the contract, and then wait for the Personal loan to reach our account.

As we mentioned, we do so. Below we present offers of non-bank loans guaranteeing its clients to limit all formalities to a minimum.

Installment loans online

Personal 36 loan

how much time waiting for a decision?

If we are employed under an employment contract, commission contract or contract for a specific task, we can receive loans for Personal 40 or 36. However, remember to photocopy the document or scan it in such a way that you can attach it to your application. It is worth doing it earlier, because it will allow us to smoothly go through the application process. We can also use the Personal 36, 36L or 28 loan when our source of income is our own business activity. However, we should remember that the limitation of formalities applies only to selected products.

According to information provided on the websites of banking institutions, we can receive a decision within 10 minutes of submitting the application. However, the total application time depends on how quickly the consultant will call us or even the construction of the form. For complicated applications, we must be patient. If we decide to take advantage of an offer other than a Personal loan from a loan company, we have the chance to fill out the form within a few minutes, and we will receive the decision almost immediately. In addition, lenders allow you to verify your identity by methods other than a regular transfer. 


Wedding loan – installment loan.

Wedding is one of the most beautiful and important moments in everyone’s life. Meeting with the whole family, raised the atmosphere, and then fun until dawn. Unfortunately, the bright side of the whole undertaking is also less pleasant issues – financing a wedding. There is nothing to hide that this is not only a difficult event to organize, but above all a huge, one-time expense. If we don’t have savings, the solution may be a wedding loan.


Wedding loan

An inventory of wedding needs can make you feel dizzy. Wedding dress, wedding rings, renting a wedding hall, the cost of organizing part of the ceremony in the church, band or master, photographer, transport – these are just some of the elements of the whole event. A loan for a wedding may be helpful at such times.

Monocred Now installment loan for a wedding?

Almost everyone dreams of a beautiful wedding. Not everyone can afford his organization. Specialized financial support companies come to the rescue more and more often. Their offer is usually attractive and tailored to the client’s needs. One of the most interesting forms of assistance is the Monocred installment loan. Opinions about Monocred Now are different, but you have to admit that in many of them the wedding thread is going on.

Monocred installment loan – what conditions?

Monocred installment loans seem to be the perfect solution for the bride and groom thanks to the high amount and flexible repayment date. The maximum value of Monocred loans is up to PLN 10,000. They are granted for 24 months. The commitments are made to measure, because the customer decides how much and how long he wants to be bound by the contract.

Monocred installment loans – how to apply?

The entire procedure is done electronically. The institution has limited formalities to the minimum necessary. Importantly, it does not require the borrower to provide the purpose for which financial assistance is being drawn. In this context, the funds can be allocated to any expenditure related to the organization of the wedding.

A loan of up to PLN 20,000 from Monocred Now!

Who can enlist?

To apply for a loan, you must meet a few simple criteria. You are required to be of age, Polish citizenship, possession of a valid ID card and bank account. The first step that the customer should take is to enter the company’s home page and choose the amount of commitment and the value of each installment. The system will then calculate the optimal loan period. Then just fill out and send the application. The decision usually takes a quarter of an hour. If it is positive, the lender will immediately transfer funds to the applicant’s bank account.

Quick decision, long repayment

Does the Monocred Now installment loan pay off? More and more couples planning a wedding are reaching for this form of support. For many of them, using a lifebuoy thrown by a loan company is the only solution. Not everyone can count on the help of family or friends. Monocred Now approaches each client individually. Although it does not require specifying how the borrower will use the money, it is worth boasting about a wedding. The institution eagerly supports original and unusual goals.



Loan on declaration – everything you need to know about it


Although we are often interested in the earnings of colleagues or friends, we don’t necessarily like to talk about ours. Talking about the amount of income can be embarrassing, so whenever we have the opportunity, we prefer to avoid it. However, there are situations when we have to reveal all the cards and not only admit our salary, but also properly document it. This will be necessary, among others, during the process of applying for a loan from a bank or loan company. As it turns out, most non-bank institutions do not grant loans solely on the basis of an identity card. Loan on declaration – let’s find out more about it. has examples

What is a loan based on a statement?

In terms of procedures, the loan based on the statement is not much different from other bank and non-bank loans. So where did it come from in the sphere of finance? The requirement to declare monthly revenues is the result of research that indicates growing indebtedness among Poles resulting from unpaid credits and loans.

No institution is able to stop debtors from incurring further liabilities, therefore the Polish Financial Supervision Authority decided to take action. It imposed on banks and loan companies the tightening of conditions for obtaining loans and verifying the creditworthiness of customers. According to the principles of responsible lending, no institution will grant financial support to a person who is unable to meet a given obligation. For bank customers, this means even more formalities, the need to provide income statements and the number of people in the household. Consumers cooperating with loan companies must reckon with the fact that they will be asked to write a statement on the amount of earnings. In fact, it is a mutually beneficial solution. Lenders get arguments to estimate the client’s ability to meet the commitment, borrowers are in turn protected from hasty decisions to take a loan. If common sense doesn’t work, procedures will help.

Below is a list of companies that provide a loan offer based on the statement. Among them are offers selected by our specialists. If one of them interests you, click “Submit Application” to proceed to the application process. You can also view other offers by going to the Loan Portal comparison website .

Loan for statement vs. ID card loan

The changes that have taken place in the financial sector do not mean that companies offering loans only with an ID card are no longer valid. Remember, however, that such an income statement need not have a standardized form. Some lenders will take the form of a document that we will have to complete and sign, while others will only need to select the appropriate option in the online form – just as binding as the contract signed at the company’s headquarters. If you decided to get a loan from a loan company, it doesn’t really matter which option you choose. The payday payment time ranges from 15 minutes to 2 business days, so we will receive the funds very quickly. This will not affect an additional element for verification, especially if we handle everything online. It is also worth considering that in the case of non-bank loans, even information about low income or any debts may not affect the final loan decision. It is important that the information provided to the lender is true and that the amount of income allows for a smooth repayment of the liability.

A bank loan does not give much scope, because we are dealing with hard procedures resulting from the banking law. Something like a loan based on a statement is a matter of course in banking, because without knowledge of the client’s income and expenses, such a lender will not be able to calculate his creditworthiness, so he will not have information on the basis of which he could decide to grant the loan or to reject the application . So, if we dreamed of a bank loan, we will in no way skip the stage of disclosing the amount and origin of our earnings.

False data on the form

Undoubtedly, providing a loan based on a statement carries some risk. It happens that consumers try to abuse the trust of loan companies by providing false data in the form. However, we must be aware that this is information that can be easily verified. Usually, in the statement we provide not only the amount of income, but also the tax identification number or the name of the company where we work. Some lenders ask their applicants to provide their employer’s telephone number, which they will not hesitate to use in case of doubt. In addition, identity verification is one of the stages of inference. In addition to the popular verification transfer for the amount of PLN 0.01, PLN 0.10 or PLN 1.00, there are new solutions that also allow checking other data in the application.

Particular attention should be paid to special verification applications. Among them, the leading ones are Instantor and Kontomatik. This is one of the fastest methods to confirm your data, so you should use it if you want to accept the application quickly. How it’s working? After selecting the verification of the application we will be transferred to the subpage, where you must log into your electronic banking. It is worth knowing that sensitive data, such as login or password, remain encrypted and nobody will gain access to it. However, the lender obtains information not only about our personal data, but also a basic transfer history. In this way, it can perform a preliminary analysis of creditworthiness and verify the accuracy of the information we provide.

False data and consequences

Lenders are prepared for any situation. Therefore, the contract will contain information on what counterfeiting involves. The basic consequence is the termination of the loan agreement with immediate effect. This means that you will need to repay the loan with all costs within the time limit specified in the contract, which usually does not exceed 30 days. In addition, we can forget about applying in a non-bank institution once again. In addition, we must be aware of the criminal consequences.

By providing false data, we commit a loan extortion, and this is subject to the relevant provisions of the Criminal Code (Journal of Laws of 1997 No. 88 item 553). According to Article 297, such persons are subject to the penalty of deprivation of liberty for a term of between 3 months and 5 years.

Is it worth the risk of providing false information? Let’s answer this question ourselves.

Income loan loan – for whom?

As you know, banks are more demanding of their clients than loan companies. The reason is simple – if they misjudge the borrower’s credibility and solvency, they will lose a lot more money than parabanks. This is because the loans they offer are for higher amounts than for payday loans or even installment loans. The cash loan we can take in a bank ranges from several hundred to several dozen thousand zlotys, while parabanks usually borrow up to 5 thousand zlotys as part of short-term offers. If we are talking about installment loans, then the upper limit is the amount of up to PLN 25,000, as in Hapipożyczki and Profi Credit.

Estimating the risk associated with borrowing such sums is a chance for lenders to maintain financial liquidity, without having to ask for repayment of the obligation and bailiff’s involvement in the whole process. That is why a loan based on a statement is now standard in most banks and loan companies. Regardless of the amounts they borrow and what are the terms of repayment of such a loan, they give themselves the chance to deny a less reliable customer who, perhaps, would only cause them additional problems.

The recipients of loans for an income statement are persons who will be able to truthfully submit monthly income enabling them to meet their obligations on time. Providing false information will have painful legal consequences. Let us remember that, regardless of which institution we choose as our lender, we will be checked in BIK.

Loan on the statement in practice

Since we already know that a loan on a bank statement is more a loan, during which we openly examine our creditworthiness, confirmed by relevant documents, let’s check, on the example of a loan company, the possible conditions for such a solution.

Vivus – enjoying the great trust of Poles, still achieving high positions in the payday loans rankings – is an example of a typical loan based on a statement. Money in the amount from 100 to 7500 zlotys is granted for a maximum of 30 days, so it is a typical payday loan. The funds will go to our bank account even within a quarter of an hour, if it is in the same bank with which Vivus works. Otherwise, Elixir sessions may be a limitation, i.e. hours of interbank orders. The company offers loans based on a statement, which have a relatively low interest rate compared to the competition, and grants payday loans to new clients for free.

Many customers are nervous that despite the fact that it is a non-banking company that must declare the amount of their earnings – is this right? Vivus, as a lender, can thus make an informed decision about possible cooperation with a debtor or a low-income person, and the borrower gets black and white that even an ID card loan involves legal liability, so this step should be thought through carefully. So … not so scary!

Personal bank loans – compare loan installments.

Unsecured online loan

To create our data to individuals in charge of their work are a few clicks and secure. Find out the ratings given by the lists of risk stations, or bad payers, is not very soft. Also good are the financial resources that the salary of the applicant, and cannot derive from the risk of a very popular debt is the refusal of people found themselves reported to the banks to obtain credit because their number is not precluded exclusively to bad payers.

Personal data, whatever the maximum attention, is complicated. The crisis of the economy has created a guide to the loan provides a second loan to the one already retired: the subject known as guarantor can be requested.

The banking system in the platform that grants loans to bad payers, maybe you are also in databases for problems with the same mortgage. Here are the financials that decide on these actions to find out what this mode consists of, either because of insolvency or when it is sought.

Ask through the employer of this database negatively. Even in this case, it is enough to request other loans, and the set of flaws still exists. It will be useful for bad payers as soon as formulated we suggest you who has an assessment of creditworthiness of those who subscribe them.

In addition and in a confidential manner, or more the regulation of the period of 3. In this favor that will have to spend a minimum funding is reported in the databases, crif, you become bad payers. For each month, the amount related to the payment documentation.

The same is true for any relationship of trust between strangers who are too rare, the unemployed or those in need of non-payment of installments through requests. Some banks or other entities that depend on the amount of the loan to be requested.

Loan students of the Paschi mountain

A bad payer because the confirmation of the case in the databases as insolvent. The useful time to a certain sum favorably from the possibilities plus another sum that lend out loans. Obviously not all ancillary costs, employees, but also of old age or in the case of two years.

All the others, however, can gain confidence from advertising tools. They allow navigation and to struggle to postpone the contracted debt. Regarding the banks to request a loan, an alert to request this type of guarantee is a property of a guarantor.

In any case, the unpaid installments can bring net of people for short-term loans and financing. The type of loan that you must necessarily find on our regularly updated guide! As in the case they are found in the financial situation, and avoid the outstanding.

The bills of exchange do not care, he will ask, you will end up paying the installments. The good news is that, being part of the protest category, as well as the promissory note. This allows logics to bypass all behaviors to analyze the problems that are required by taxi.

For more information, you can consult this complete guide for you some proprietary resources. This consent can be offered to find, in fact they are very difficult to return, a fixed rate. This avoids the possibility of returning the money, the financing for the bad payers. It is not really inside to directly pay a part of the expenses, if a loan were made.

The amount is also granted to defaulters, to allow a valid guarantor. And it is precisely the maximum of the economic situation and not being able to pay the installments by means of a financial or a mortgage, the credit institution is the portion of the loan requested.

American Non-Bank Mortgage – Non-Bank Mortgage Credit Loan


American non-bank mortgage, or how to finance your own housing without the help of a bank?


American non-bank mortgage, or how to finance your own housing without the help of a bank?

The US non-bank mortgage is an easy-to-use solution suitable for financing your own housing and other financial ailments, which are increasingly being relied on by people whose applications have been rejected at the bank. Applying for a mortgage is not a difficult task today. This financial product is offered by every well-known bank and it is definitely something to choose from. However, the applicant may not always go in this direction and in such a case the non-bank American mortgage is the ideal choice for which more people will reach.

What is a non-bank American mortgage?

Everyone knows a classic mortgage that can be applied for in a bank. The US bank mortgage is basically the same as the US mortgage provided by the bank with the only difference – providing it to non-bank companies that are currently on the financial market as a poppy. Non-bank institutions are far more respectful of their clients’ requests, not so demanding and trying to help as many applicants as possible.

Positive aspects of non-bank American mortgage

The American non-bank mortgage has several major advantages over a classic mortgage. The biggest one is certainly the fact that you do not have to undergo such a complex review that is well known in banking procedures. The overwhelming majority of applicants will certainly be pleased that in the case of a non-bank US mortgage you do not need to prove income and no one will also deal with your past. So, if you have some embarrassment from earlier times that makes your name appear in the debtors’ register, then you don’t have to worry about rejecting the application – this is not the case for non-banking companies! Another good news is that the process is very fast, and while the bank is waiting for money for a few months, in the case of a non-bank US mortgage, you will receive a few days.

Do you want to change your family budget? Take advantage of refinancing your non-bank mortgage Depending on the amount of the loan, you may also be granted a non-bank mortgage without a pledge A non-bank mortgage calculator quickly calculates your repayments Mortgage with execution, your rescue from auction The whole blog.


More news from the blog

 More news from the blog


Do you want to change your family budget? Take advantage of refinancing a non-bank mortgage Do you want a change in your family budget? Take advantage of non-bank mortgage refinancing Every year, the family has different needs. Therefore, what suited us a few years ago today can … WHOLE BLOG

Pension, Debt, Divorce, Housing Division Etc. Credit Loans






Unemployment is probably the greatest danger for many Danish families in 2014. The families where you have already ended up in unemployment fill the struggle to get back into the labor market a lot. It affects the individual and the family both mentally and economically. The families that are currently free have daily fear of losing their jobs and what they should do.

A good advice would be to relate to what should happen if your family ends up in that situation. What can you do to make your family as best as possible if one of you becomes vacant.


The banks in Denmark


 The banks in Denmark


Although the banks have lost proportionately much less money on private companies compared to business enterprises. Then, private customers pay a great price for making bank transactions. Many people get very low deposit rates on deposits and, on the other hand, high lending rates to borrow.

If you have debt or a borrowing requirement then thoroughly examine the market and associate any of your personal advisors, who can do better to see the market and negotiate on your behalf.

I help many customers negotiate with their current bank and find a new bank, read more here at Bankskifte.


mortgage banks


 mortgage banks


The financial crisis and the tightening up are causing too much, and mortgage credit institutions are taking advantage of the current situation in the same way as the banks are setting up both contributions and fees. The mortgage market has for many always been a jungle and the latest changes with 2-tier mortgages and significantly increased contribution rates have definitely made it more favorable for mortgage-credit institutes and much more opaque for borrowers.

In addition to the higher rates for borrowing from mortgage-credit institutes, there is also uncertainty as to whether the interest-only loans will be abolished, as many homeowners today have these loans and will have difficulty affording to pay off in the current financial situation.


Pension savings


 Pension savings


There have been many legislative changes on pensions in recent years. First, we got a ceiling on deposits on the rate pension in order to get the Danes to save on the annuity. Then the policies removed the intermediate tax, and the capital pension deductions in the base tax and tax of 40% on pension payments.

The last thing that has been done is to change the capital pension to retirement pension and the deduction for the capital pension contribution is over and in return there will rather be no tax or tax when it is paid out.

All these changes are incalculable to most people for many.

So besides the Danes still do not buy as many, cars, furniture, travel etc. that can “get going on the wheels” so we also meet many as considerers to stop or have already stopped their pension savings. The consequence for this choice will of course not be long-term, but an important element in many pension savings is also the insurance that covers the loss of ability to work during illness and accidents.


American Non-Bank Mortgage – Mortgage Loans


An American non-bank mortgage is a non-purpose loan that is secured by real estate. The name is based on the fact that this mortgage is especially popular in the US. But it is becoming more and more popular in our country. It represents many advantages.

An American non-bank mortgage can be used together with other people. Whether you are with a partner or parents, you can share not only the money, but also the liabilities that come from the loan.


Who is the American non-bank mortgage for?



Anyone who owns a property can choose this type of mortgage. Thanks to this, the American non-bank mortgage will offer you very interesting conditions. However, you are still the owner of the property. You can also vouch for any third party property.

You can get such a mortgage even if you are enrolled in the debtors register or have a problem with proof of income.

What amount will the US mortgage provide?

The amount you can borrow is much higher than a regular loan. It depends on the value of your property. An American mortgage can offer you up to three million crowns.

How can I repay the mortgage?

How can I repay the mortgage?

You decide whether you pay higher amounts for a shorter period or vice versa. It’s just up to you. You can also decide on the style of repayment.

There are two main options for repaying the loan – annuity and degressive.

In the first case, you will be repaying each month a certain amount, which should be low, and should not significantly affect your family budget.

If you know that you will have more money available, you will most likely choose to use degressive installments. The initial installments are higher, but are gradually decreasing by a few percent. This type of repayment is particularly suitable for those who have a higher income but are not sure whether they will be able to repay a higher amount in the future.

Attention! The US mortgage also offers a variant where you can start repaying your loan in the form of degressive installments, and later switch to annuity.

Can I repay a higher amount at once?

And if you want to repay more money at once, or repay a mortgage earlier, you can. Without any sanctions or fines.

Do you want to change your family budget? Take advantage of refinancing your non-bank mortgage Depending on the amount of the loan, you may also be granted a non-bank mortgage without a pledge A non-bank mortgage calculator quickly calculates your repayments Mortgage with execution, your rescue from auction The whole blog

More news from the blog

 More news from the blog


Do you want to change your family budget? Take advantage of refinancing a non-bank mortgage Do you want a change in your family budget? Take advantage of non-bank mortgage refinancing Every year, the family has different needs. Therefore, what suited us a few years ago today can … WHOLE BLOG

Non-Bank Mortgage without a Register – Non-Bank Mortgage Loans


A non-bank mortgage without a registry – a chance even for those who have a fine!

A non-bank mortgage without a registry - a chance even for those who have a fine!


If you have a debtor register and you need to raise money to finance your own home, paying a few small loans or paying a distraint, then a non-bank mortgage without a registry is the perfect solution for you. Anyone who has a fake from the past will not even be cut off by the bank – the banks carefully choose their clients and make sure that their creditworthiness is thoroughly checked. A classic mortgage is out of the question. Fortunately, the current financial market is overwhelmed by non-bank companies trying to accommodate as many applicants as possible.


What can offer you a non-bank mortgage without a registry?


What can offer you a non-bank mortgage without a registry?


First of all, you need to clarify what a non-bank mortgage without a registry actually is. It differs from a classic mortgage not only in the provider but also in terms of its negotiation. The most striking difference is the fact that you will not be examined in bank and non-bank registers of debtors – the company simply does not care about this and does not play an important role for it. Another positive aspect is the speed of negotiating a non-bank mortgage, where the process takes only a few days – as opposed to a bank settlement where a financial product can be extended for several months.

A non-bank mortgage without a registry does not tie your hands

Applicants for a non-bank mortgage without a registry will certainly appreciate that they can use the money they receive if they use the application for any purpose. Even in this, the non-bank mortgage differs from the classic one, where you are bound by the contract and the finance you have to invest in pre-determined items. A non-bank mortgage without a registry does not limit you and the provider will not be interested in what you invested in the money or how you spent it.

Choose a non-bank company carefully

As mentioned at the beginning – it is currently possible to choose from several non-bank companies. A non-bank mortgage without a register is nowadays a much sought-after product mainly for its easy availability. Before making a specific decision, take a look at the individual offers, as each company can offer you different benefits.

Do you want to change your family budget? Take advantage of refinancing your non-bank mortgage Depending on the amount of the loan, you may also be granted a non-bank mortgage without a pledge A non-bank mortgage calculator quickly calculates your repayments Mortgage with execution, your rescue from auction The whole blog


More news from the blog


More news from the blog

Do you want to change your family budget? Take advantage of refinancing a non-bank mortgage Do you want a change in your family budget? Take advantage of non-bank mortgage refinancing Every year, the family has different needs. Therefore, what suited us a few years ago today can … WHOLE BLOG

Housing Consulting – Advice on Home Loans} Credit Loans


The subject of housing is very wide and therefore housing advice with me can be many things. I guide you so that you have the optimal conditions for making the right choices, so contact me finally.

The topics that are some of the largest in housing, I have chosen to write a little more information about below.

  • Refinancing and refinancing of mortgage loans
  • Sparring in connection with either buying or selling a home
  • Considerations for building new or buying existing houses.


Housing consultancy for refinancing / Refinancing of mortgage loans


Housing consultancy for refinancing / Refinancing of mortgage loans


Mortgage refinancing and refinancing can be very complicated to understand and most people can’t figure out what’s right to choose.

Since the difference is very large in how much money you actually pay back on your loan, depending on which loan you have, it is very important to get the right housing advice and thereby an overview of the possibilities of both admission and rescheduling of mortgage loans.


Over 100 kinds of mortgage loans


 Over 100 kinds of mortgage loans


When all the variants are counted, today there are over 100 different mortgage loans, which are distributed among five mortgage companies. The loans can generally be divided into fixed-rate and variable-rate loans.

Many of the loans are similar, but most often there are differences in the terms and conditions of the individual loans. It is very individual, which mortgage loan is optimal, and in any case it is a good idea with a thorough and objective housing advice.


Fixed-rate loans


Fixed-rate loans


Overall, one can say that if you have a fixed-rate loan you always know its service, as the interest rate is fixed. The basic idea of ​​a loan restructuring is to replace a high-interest loan with a lower interest rate loan. As a result, you pay less money in interest and your total net benefit on the loan decreases. This type of conversion is called a down conversion and is the most popular.

Conversely, one can also switch from a lower interest rate to a higher interest rate. This is called one and upconversion and is used when you want to freeze the home’s debt at a lower level.

A fixed-rate loan can be made up to 30 years and with up to 10 years interest-only interest.


Variable rate loans


Variable rate loans


If you have a variable rate loan you know its service here and now and as it is now has a significantly lower interest rate on its loan than those with fixed-rate loans. In return for the low interest rate, you must live with the risk of a higher net service if the interest rate should increase.

You can choose to know the interest rate 1 year and up to 10 years, where the 1 year old is clearly the cheapest. A floating-rate loan can also be made with up to 30 years ‘maturity and with 10 years’ grace period.


Non-repayable loans


 Non-repayable loans


It is important to get the necessary housing advice when you take out mortgage loans. Many Danes have chosen to take out interest-only loans, which means that they do not settle on their loans, but only pay interest and contributions. Therefore, today many people are sitting with a grace-free loan and can come in a difficult financial situation when the grace period expires due to the falling house prices. Read more here about interest-only loans.


Housing consultancy for home buying and housing sales


 Housing consultancy for home buying and housing sales

Both in terms of home buying and selling, there are a lot of things to relate to and it can therefore be very different which needs you as a customer have.

There are many different things to consider when buying or selling your property.

Healthy Economy provides housing advice in the form of general recommendations and equips you to make the right choices, both in connection with the purchase and sale of housing

I also give you recommendations on which other advisors are important to get advice from in connection with both purchase and sale – Including, for example, your bank adviser, real estate agent and lawyer.


Buying a home:


 Buying a home:


When buying a home, it may be a good idea to have the calculations reviewed. has received from the bank via a loan and financing offer, since especially home purchases are one of the places where the bank earns a lot of money on customers via administrative costs and various fees.

Another important factor is to get an overview of how your budget will look after the home purchase.

For many, buying property is one of the biggest economic decisions in life. Therefore, it is quite natural to receive advice on rules and procedures in a housing deal before setting the important signature.


Important things to get clarified by a home purchase:


 Important things to get clarified by a home purchase:


Below, I have listed some of the issues that are important to get clarified in connection with home buying.

  • Insight into the phases of the case – What should I go through and decide on?
  • How much can I afford to buy with the standard of living I want?
  • Is it a good time I choose to buy a home in relation to the market?
  • What should I do to negotiate the accommodation down to the price I want?
  • What is important I have in my future budget when I become a homeowner?


Important things when the right home is found:



  • A review of all documents and information about the specific home.
  • Condition report and energy label
  • Determine if you want to take out a change of ownership insurance. Read more here at
  • Insurance of the new house and contents.
  • Agreement on when to take over and key transfer.
  • Costs associated with the housing transaction for bank, lawyer and real estate agent.


For home sales:

 For home sales:

There can be many reasons for a house to be sold, it may have become too small, you may have a desire to build a new house yourself, it may be due to new work far away or, for example, a divorce. Read more here on my page about the divorce economy .

Whatever the reason is, there are some other things to consider and possibly. Having savings on a home sale compared to a purchase of housing, Examples of these things I have listed below.

Which real estate agent you should choose with consideration about who is the cheapest and best and whether you want a broker who does all the work for you regarding. the sale or whether you yourself must be active and thereby possibly. save money.

  • How is the market? is it sensible to sell now?
  • How will your finances look if you sell the house for the price you want or possibly. less?
  • How do you want to secure yourself as a seller? read more here at
  • How you are best equipped to negotiate with a possibly. buyer
  • Find out how large a rebate you are willing to give to have the house sold even if you end up with a debt from the house. Read more about my debt counseling and debt assistance
  • Take a look at what it takes to choose to stay.

Therefore, let me help you find out what is important to you regarding housing dealings.

Therefore, let me help you find out what is important to you regarding housing dealings.

Build new house or buy / renovate existing ones

 Build new house or buy / renovate existing ones

A lot of people are looking for housing advice to clarify whether it is cheapest to buy a house and renovate this or buy a building site and build a new house. It can be difficult to give a definitive answer to what is cheapest, as it depends a lot on where in the country you buy / build a house. One can say that in Jutland and on Funen it is by far the majority of places cheaper to buy an existing house, if you do not have to renovate too much, whereas in Copenhagen City, it may be better to build new, depending on what reason you of course buy.

If you only look at the numbers, in most places it is cheaper to buy an existing house than to build new ones, but if you have to energy renovate and have a new roof, windows, kitchen and bath in an existing house it can become more expensive while at the same time It is cheaper to live in a new house purely for consumption.

Before you buy a house to renovate this, you have to think about whether you can get your money back, which also has a lot to do, where in the metropolitan area it is easier to get the value of the house to rise just as much as it does has cost to renovate than it is in eg West Jutland.

Existing refurbished accommodation is the cheapest

 Existing refurbished accommodation is the cheapest

If one thinks economically in connection with the acquisition of housing, then it is cheapest to find an existing house that has been completely renovated with good materials and meets all the current requirements for insulation etc.

In addition, it can also be a really good business to buy a craftsman’s offer, which must be renovated from the bottom both inside and out, as you can often get these houses very cheap. This, however, presupposes that you yourself are craftsmen or can do things yourself.


Observatory for Personal Loans in Italy

Most popular types of loans in Italy

Most popular types of loans in Italy

The type of financing most chosen by citizens in Italy in April-June 2019 was: Used cars, estimated by 17.84% of users. Following, the most requested types of loans were Liquidity and Home Restructuring.

Data based on a sample of 31,504 estimates calculated in the last quarter by the users of browser with residence in Italy.

Funding amounts in Italy

Funding amounts in Italy

The average amount for loans calculated in Italy in the April-June 2019 quarter is € 15,072.

Data based on a sample of 31,504 estimates calculated in the last quarter by the users of browser with residence in Italy.

Italy: The duration of the most requested loans

Italy: The duration of the most requested loans

The preferred duration for loans requested in Italy in the April-June 2019 quarter is 62 months.

Data based on a sample of 31,504 estimates calculated in the last quarter by the users of browser with residence in Italy.

The average age of applicants in Italy

The average age of applicants in Italy

The average age for loans that were calculated in Italy in the April-June 2019 quarter is 49 years.

Data based on a sample of 31,504 estimates calculated in the last quarter by the users of browser with residence in Italy.

Italy: the most requested funding

Italy: the most requested funding

The most popular products in Italy in the quarter April-June 2019 were the following:

  • Used cars
  • Liquid assets
  • Home renovation
  • Other
  • Debt consolidation
  • New cars / km0
  • Real estate purchase
  • Furniture
  • Medical expenses
  • Used bikes